Inside Out South Bronx "Sheroes"

This project was loads of fun. I was eager daily to wake up and head to our pasting sites to get the day rolling. I was humbled to be one of the photographers in this massive project. Theres no lie that seeing your images blasted on building walls and having them everywhere feels amazing. We went out there like graffiti artists tagging any empty wall we could in the hunts point section of the Bronx.
I can only begin to thank Mainland media, a company whose mission is to create a more positive perception of the Bronx. They organized the project with help from localgroups, including The Point Community Development Corp., the Hunt’s Point Alliance for Children, and the Majora Carter Group. Paul and Anthony Ramirez (Mainland Media),are my good friends who put me on to the project. They came by the studio one day, and we had a meeting where the men asked if I wanted to be a part of something visionary and massive in the field of art. Well…you know my answer and the rest is history! We hung out with JR and Marc a few times and everything was always great. They say the French aren’t too fond of Americans, but these Frenchies make you feel like family! The street art movement was great, so much fun and just another great way to bring positivity and progressive light to a some what darkened community.
New York Times Link: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/28/eyes-on-and-of-a-south-bronx-community/